Athlete Outreach Membership Program

USA Swimming and North Carolina Swimming offer a membership program to help and encourage the economically disadvantaged youth who are unable to afford the USA Swimming membership fees. The program offers qualified athletes the opportunity to become USA Swimming members for $5.00.

The goal of the Outreach Program is to promote the identification, recruitment, training and retention of any of America’s minority and disadvantaged youth that shows an interest in swimming and is unable to afford joining a local USA Swimming club.

North Carolina Swimming, Inc. will waive the $2.00 LSC fee on the Outreach memberships so the cost remains at $5.00 per athlete. The membership is a year round membership. Confidentiality of members will be maintained. The athlete will receive a year round athlete membership card as with any other year round athlete and they will be on the year round athlete list.

Proof of qualification for Outreach Membership can be shown by providing a copy of your Free or Reduced lunch letter.


For more information on the USA Swimming Outreach program, click here.


NC Aqua Elite Swim Team Outreach Program Pricing
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